New release preview

Just wanted to provide a quick preview of some features that are headed to the site. They are:

  1. An improved active storm view. When a storm is active, you’ll see its latest details at the top-left-hand corner of the page, showing you 7 basic facts: latitude, longitude, wind speed, pressure, movement, category, and time of last update.
  2. Times in Eastern Daylight Time. When a storm is active and has a forecast ‘cone’, you’ll see human-readable dates and times listed next to points along the projected path. We’ve also enhanced the little navigation box in the map window to have times in the same format.
  3. More photos. We’ve added hundreds of links to our database to photos related to storms over the last 5 years. Almost all storms that have made landfall in the last 5 years will have photos available.
  4. Wind probabilities. When a storm is active, you’ll be able to click cities in the storm’s projected path and view a 5-day breakdown of the probabilities of hurricane-, tropical-storm-, and tropical-depression-force winds. This data is sourced from the National Hurricane Center ‘Wind Probabilities’ product.


  • Improved active storm view: Projected path (cone) [thumbnail]
  • Wind probabilities:
    Wind probabilities [thumbnail]
  • More storm photos:Isabel photos.

Aside from these enhancements, we’ve got a few more things planned before the season begins. Let us know what you think!

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