Where’s Tropical Storm Alma?

A click in the Stormpulse tracking map window on Discus Buoy 42057 reveals that the southwestern Caribbean is experiencing gusts of roughly 31 mph from the ESE. So why doesn’t Tropical Storm Alma show up on the map? Well, Alma is technically a Pacific basin storm, and we do not currently cover this basin. We apologize for any confusion, and would like to add that Pacific coverage is something we are continuing to consider.


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  2. Matthew on

    Hi Jacob,

    Yes, it is definitely possible, and it has happened. Here’s an example:


    That track stops short, because the storm became known as Hurricane Douglas in the Pacific Basin:

    Here’s the complete list (courtesy of http://www.hurricane.com/hurricane-records.php), with links to Stormpulse.com for Atlantic storms:

    Atlantic Hurricane Cesar [July 1996] became Northeast Pacific Hurricane Douglas.

    Atlantic Tropical Storm Bret [August 1993] became Hurricane Greg in the Northeast Pacific.

    Northeast Pacific Hurricane Cosme became Atlantic Tropical Storm Allison [June 1989].

    Atlantic Hurricane Joan [October 1988] became Northeast Pacific Hurricane Miriam.

    Atlantic Hurricane Greta [September 1978] became Northeast Pacific Hurricane Olivia.

    Atlantic Hurricane Fifi [September 1974] became Northeast Pacific Tropical Storm Orlene.

    Atlantic Hurricane Irene [September 1971] became Northeast Pacific Tropical Storm Olivia.

    Atlantic Hurricane Hattie [October-November 1961] became Northeast Pacific Tropical Storm Simone.

    A Northeast Pacific Tropical Storm [September-October 1949] became an Atlantic Hurricane [Storm #10] and made landfall in TX.

  3. Jacob Russell on

    Can a Pacific basin storm cross into the Gulf and develop into a TS or hurricane? Has this happened before? What is the relationship of the developing tropical depression east of the Yucatan to Alma?

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