Tropical Storm Bertha stubbornly heads west

Tropical Storm Bertha, considered yesterday an almost certain fish-spinner, continues to head west, and her turn to the open Atlantic appears a bit delayed and a bit less severe than originally forecast.

00pm EST

Latest NHC forecast path for TS Bertha, 7.4.08, 11:00pm EST

Still, sea surface temperatures remain too cool for rapid intensification (mid-Atlantic buoy 41041 reports 79.52 degrees F), but she should hit warmer waters by Wednesday (80-82F). By that time, if she follows the official NHC forecast path, she will be approximately 1300 miles east-southeast of Miami. She is presently 2395 miles east-southeast of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

45pm EST

Water vapor image for TS Bertha, 7.4.08, 11:45pm EST


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  1. Matthew on

    @elbohemio: Thanks! I was thinking of your position there in PR as I was writing up this post. Looks like Bertha is going to track at least a couple hundred miles north of you all, but still too early to say for sure.

  2. elbohemio on

    Hey Matt good to see you around. I have already started checking in on you guys now that stuff is coming out of Africa. Good Luck and keep up the excellent work

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