outage left our map void

For an extended period between Saturday and Sunday, some of you may have noticed that the landmass images for our tracking map were failing to appear.

We traced the problem back to, whose Simple Storage Service (S3) experienced an outage during the same period. This failure on Amazon’s part meant that we could not deliver map images to anyone visiting our site or viewing the map on This was particularly ill-timed given the need to track Tropical Storm Dolly and Tropical Storm Cristobal.

The problem was resolved by Amazon engineers at 8:12pm (Eastern) Sunday evening. We at have also taken steps so that in the event of another Amazon failure, we will still be able to deliver these images.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for using

UPDATE: Since writing this blog post, we have implemented a failover system such that future S3 outages will not impact our ability to show our basic map tiles.  Thanks again for your patience.

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