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This morning we released a small update that allows appreciative users to ‘tip’ Stormpulse, Inc. with a small donation. This actually comes at the behest of our audience–that we ought to be making money with the site, or at least covering our expenses. :-) Yes, we really did have a user ask how they could submit a donation. So there you have it.

The default amount is 10 cents. If you would like to give more, you can. When you give any amount, you are asked to fund a tipjoy account with $5, which you can then use to tip any other site in the tipjoy network.

If you change your mind after submitting a tip (i.e. you’re not interested in funding your tipjoy account), you can easily cancel your tip by going to your transaction history page and clicking ‘cancel unpaid items.’  We promise we’ll still let you use the site and treat you kindly.


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  1. […] stretched over 4 years time. In that time, we’ve done nothing to monetize the site except adding a Tipjoy button and later a PayPal Donate button. Those steps were a response to user demands that we have some way […]

  2. bdsm on

    I will gladly contribute via PayPal.

  3. Jon on


    Have you abandoned Tipjoy in favor of Paypal, or did the change get regressed? I only see an orange “Donate” button which takes me to Paypal – no sign of a Tipjoy button. :(

  4. Catherine Gill on

    Is there some way to animate the maps?

  5. Byron on

    Could you possibly add some more coastal cities?
    Morgan City, Venice, Grand Isle to the map?
    Thank you

  6. garron on

    OT: Please add “comments”to you RSS feed options.

  7. garron on

    I will gladly contribute via PayPal.

  8. Eddie on

    You guys have done a fantastic job! NOAA should be pleased if not very jealous!!!!
    Having lived in The Houston area all my life, it is great that such an interactive and graphically pleasing site is available. Keep up the good (and hard) work!

  9. PAUL on



  10. John Thomas on

    You clearly had a great vision and put in a ton of work to make this a reality. This is absolutley the clearest site on the internet for getting long term prediction information as well as fairly current information.
    I am new to the Souat-East and I found this site very helpful in planning for Hanna and keeping any on Ike.

    I think you should work harder on monitizing the site so that you can add new features faster.
    I would pay for a membership if it would help bring personalized features on line at a faster clip. I’d like cell phone alerts of new storms and significant changes to paths of bigger storms, fo example.

  11. Scott Fane on

    I like that when StormPulse posts a Caribbean Map it clearly depicts and labels all of the Islands complete with names.
    Much of the public hears for instance Cayman Islands and cannot immediately picture the exact locations. Your website helps with that situation by clearly labeling each Island. Thanks

  12. Greg (PBG,FL) on

    I just found out about your Stormpulse web site today and had to share it with every contact I have. You guys have set the standard so high, I will not be looking back at any of the old school sites, only Stormpulse from now on!
    Keep it going!!!

  13. Micki on

    Your website is great, I love it! Could you please include Cap Haitien (2nd largest city) in Haiti in your map? Your site since we discovered it, is our favorite.
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Marathon on

    Love the stormpulse web site! Would it possible to add wave height or perhaps potential storm surge? Having wind speed information is important but what could be more important in knowing what, if any surge is expected. Keep up the good work!!

  15. Sheryll on

    I am VERY impressed guys. I am an absolute Tropical Prediction Center freak but your site is so interactive, colorful, and accurate. I think you may have won me over. And I dont even have to keep going to another page to get information. Thanks and keep up the good work!!

  16. Ivan Kirigin on

    Hi, I’m cofounder of Tipjoy. Thanks for using the service!

    Just to clarify: you can also tip any site you like – they don’t need to be in the Tipjoy network. You can find the form to do this on our front page:

    Also, you can email or use twitter to tell your friends about Stormpulse. Links and Tipjoy are both micro-currencies for the web :)

    Check it out:

  17. Mark on

    Definitely a good idea. I know some people are glad to support a good cause. What about PayPal? Is that an option?

  18. Cheryl on

    Absolutely love this website. Sent it to my local meteorologist, who was also impresses.

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