Nationwide severe weather on Stormpulse

This morning we updated the site to include most of the severe weather watches and warnings published by the National Weather Service (

This includes many, many types of hazards such as:

  • Severe Thunderstorms
  • Tornadoes
  • Floods & flash floods
  • Fire watches/warnings
  • Winter storms (snow, sleet)
  • Frosts/freezes
  • Extreme heat

Here’s an example of some frost creeping into Charlotte, NC this morning:

Frost in Charlotte, NC

We’ve adopted the same colors as the official NWS charts (though that may change), and we’ve added value (in our Stormpulse way) by making the areas clickable, by joining together neighborhoring shapes into a single area (less clutter, less confusion) when they share the same advisory/alert, and by giving you access to the complete description right inside the map.

Along with the mapping visuals, you’ll also notice we have a search box that supports searching by state, city, or zip code.


Example searches: “Memphis, TN“, “33411“, “New York, NY“, “Minnesota“, “California“, “FL“.

Play around and have fun with it, and let us know what you think.  We are considering this very much an early version (‘beta’ in developer lingo), so beware of hidden bugs and potential performance issues if you are using a slower computer.


6 comments so far

  1. Cheryl on

    I absolutely LOVE the nationwide severe weather option. Will it be available on both the free and the advanced sites? I love the archives as well.

    • Matthew on

      Yes, severe weather coverage will remain on the Free and Advanced (Pro) versions of the site. Look for new services and products related to severe weather in the coming months. :-)

  2. madison on

    I love this website!!!!!!!!!!!!It is sooooo acurate.You even have info for past hurricanes. Yall are the bomb

  3. Bill on

    Is there some reason you’re not tracking Hurricane Neki? It’s only about 500 miles to the west of HI right now.

    • Matthew on

      Hey Bill–yes, unfortunately the data on Neki was coming from the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, which is not a data source we feed from yet. Hopefully next year!

  4. benphane on

    Absolutely love it!

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