Introducing probability-based alerts: Fully customizable email and text notifications for enterprise customers

We are very excited to introduce a powerful new tool to help our enterprise customers reduce the daily and long-term risks posed by significant weather events: Fully customizable probability-based alerts.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the new series of ads we’ve been running on the site, such as the one to the left, with examples of the type of customization offered by our new alerting system.

As hinted at in these ads, our new probability-based alerts allow enterprise customers to set up notifications – via email or text message, and soon by phone call – that are customizable by both the specific type of severe weather event in which you’re interested (rain, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes) and the percentage chance of that event affecting any location in the continental United States.

To see what Stormpulse’s weather alerting capabilities can do for your company, request a free trial using this form.

Together with our fully configurable enterprise plan, which allows you to select precisely the number of alert recipients and locations to track, our alerting system delivers relevant weather intelligence directly to the people in your company who need it most. This reduces false alarms and allows you to focus on taking proactive steps to prepare for a specific severe weather event before it strikes, rather than reacting once it is already under way.

For more information on how your company can benefit from weather alerting, download our whitepaper, “What’s the real value of an alert? How to use weather alerts.” (PDF)

And don’t forget to request your free trial today.

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