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Introducing probability-based alerts: Fully customizable email and text notifications for enterprise customers

We are very excited to introduce a powerful new tool to help our enterprise customers reduce the daily and long-term risks posed by significant weather events: Fully customizable probability-based alerts.

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the new series of ads we’ve been running on the site, such as the one to the left, with examples of the type of customization offered by our new alerting system.

As hinted at in these ads, our new probability-based alerts allow enterprise customers to set up notifications – via email or text message, and soon by phone call – that are customizable by both the specific type of severe weather event in which you’re interested (rain, hail, thunderstorms, tornadoes) and the percentage chance of that event affecting any location in the continental United States.

To see what Stormpulse’s weather alerting capabilities can do for your company, request a free trial using this form.

Together with our fully configurable enterprise plan, which allows you to select precisely the number of alert recipients and locations to track, our alerting system delivers relevant weather intelligence directly to the people in your company who need it most. This reduces false alarms and allows you to focus on taking proactive steps to prepare for a specific severe weather event before it strikes, rather than reacting once it is already under way.

For more information on how your company can benefit from weather alerting, download our whitepaper, “What’s the real value of an alert? How to use weather alerts.” (PDF)

And don’t forget to request your free trial today.


Introducing free trials for enterprise plans

In the two months since we launched our fully configurable plans for enterprise customers, we’ve been encouraged by the number, enthusiasm, and diversity of organizations that have chosen to incorporate the power of Stormpulse’s instant weather intelligence into their operations.

To help even more companies discover how Stormpulse can streamline their weather-based decisions, today we’re happy to announce the introduction of free trials for potential enterprise edition customers.

If you’re interested in adding Stormpulse’s severe weather alerting capabilities and unrivaled mapping technology to your company’s workflow, we encourage you to fill out our brief free trial request form. It takes less than a minute, and we’ll contact you within 24 hours.

(Please note that if you already have a Stormpulse account, you’ll need to sign out of the site before visiting the free trial request form page.)

For more information on how your company can benefit from weather alerting, you can download our new whitepaper, “What’s the real value of an alert? How to use weather alerts.” (PDF)

And to read about how a Fortune 500 company saved precious minutes and avoided a costly mistake thanks to the clarity of the Stormpulse map, download our brochure. (PDF)

From emergency management agencies to heavy manufacturers, from global energy companies to insurance firms, enterprises of all shapes, sizes, and missions are discovering that Stormpulse enables them to automatically gather and share key insights with no weather expertise required.

If you’re interested in joining the growing number of organizations that are reaping the value of Stormpulse’s instant weather intelligence, request your free trial today.

Enterprise plans for any number of users and alert locations

Since launching Stormpulse Pro in the summer of 2009, we’ve continued to evolve the product to make it the best storm-tracking subscription on the web.

This morning we’re taking Stormpulse’s instant weather intelligence one step farther by giving you the power to choose the exact number of users and alert locations you need, rather than forcing you to choose between tiers of service that were either too little or too big for your needs.

We encourage you to please take a moment and visit our new configurable plans page.  There are many places to get weather information, but Stormpulse is now offering the most consolidated, transparent and customizable way to get your team going in minutes.

Need a quote for your budget? After typing in the number of users and alert locations you want, just click the ‘Quote’ link next to the ‘Select’ button for a personalized PDF describing your custom plan and rates.

Need to explain Stormpulse to your co-workers? Download the new Stormpulse brochure (pdf), which includes the story of how a Fortune 500 company saved time and avoided a costly mistake by watching Stormpulse.

What’s coming in 2011? Over the next few weeks we will continue to unveil our plans for 2011, including mobile apps, real-time weather data and video during U.S. landfalls, text alerts for your mobile phone, and chance alerts, so you can get an update when there’s a specific chance of severe weather at any of your alert locations.

Here’s to the close of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season (despite the low-potential disturbance currently churning in the south Caribbean) and a very Merry Christmas.